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Be inspired; be different; be prepared. Scouts World is perfect for both Scouts and Guides. We know the programmes inside out and can help you work towards badges and awards.

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Inspiring days; promising futures. Help us take the learning outside the classroom, building confidence and achievement based on a tried and trusted formula.

Robert Baden-Powell

Robert Stephenson Smith Baden-Powel better known as BP was born on February 22, 1857 in London was the fifth child to be born to seven siblings.

BP learned from a child to maneuver boats and cook, on vacation BP took the opportunity to go camping with his older brothers because at that time the cities of London gave to do outdoor activities.

In 1907 he made a camp on the Island of Browsea and enthusiastic about the activity wrote a book “Scouting for boys”.

Later published the book had sales success and scouting was born. In short, Baden Powell was the founder of Scouting.

Why Scouts World?

Once you’ve made the decision to book with Scouts World, we’ll look after you every step of the way.

Your child in contact with nature

Research and Learning

At Scouts World, we’re all about helping young people to do their best. We believe that ‘learning away’ can have a powerful, positive impact on young people’s academic achievement.

Training and team building

Great things happen in the outdoors. Whether you want team building with a difference, or need the time and space to do some strategic planning, Scouts World is ready to help you create an inspiring and productive experience.

Scout Day

In Scouting everything is a sweet dream.

You hear about Browsea Island, Gilwell Park, about all that mystique, that fraternity, those wonderful learnings.

You hear about the past Jamborees, about the last World Cup in Chile, about the camps in other states.

The days pass, saturdays pass, the Scout interested, learns, studies, reads, has fun, camps with the greatest goodwill, faces problems, discusses the realities, cries in the Council Fire, is encouraged by the Journey.

Climb to the summit of a Peak, rejoices to be a Scout of the Fatherland.

Climb to the summit of a Peak, rejoices to be a Scout of the Fatherland.

Featured training


If your first progression badge received is the Clues badge. Guides are fully qualified, and prouved. Adversiting and hike.


Completing all the activities offered for Rumo and Travessia, you will earn the distinctive Crossing. Adversiting.


To earn the Rumo badge - do of the activities offered for Tracks and Trails. | Tracks and Trails. For more danger.


To earn the Rumo badge - do of the activities offered for Tracks and Trails. | Tracks and Trails. For more danger.


Education for life.

Come and be part of this Movement that already has more than 57 million people worldwide.

Helen Ellis


Helping others is helping you, because we are all part of a community. The Boy Scout always learns to do good, have compassion, and create a fairer society in which everyone can also benefit.

The Daiglen School


There is no proper functioning of a society without due respect. We must respect all the authorities, but also respect those we serve. This type of behavior, in addition to elevating one’s own spirit and bringing us more quality of life, also brings peace, security and good conviviality.

St Mary' s School


We can do a lot of things on our own, but together we are stronger. With the Boy Scout, we learned how to work as a team, using each other’s best ability to benefit the community. This makes everything work better, more fluidly and quickly.

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